Welcome to Our House

Muscat Seaside House

your quiet and comfortable stay during your vacation

Situated near popular Azaiba beach in Muscat, our modern house is offering a stylish and inviting atmosphere. Just minutes away from the beautiful waters of Red Sea, perfect for relaxing or water activities. Our house provides free breakfast, personalized service, good atmosphere, entertainment and enjoyable stay. It has three floors, five bedrooms and two balconies with a sea view. It is on a good location, near the beach and not far from the airport.

The house can accommodate up to 10 people. It has five bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. Common (shared) area includes two balconies, kitchen, dining area and living room with sofas and TV. The fixed price covers four people sharing two rooms. If there are more guests or you need extra rooms, there’s an extra charge for each person or each additional room. Note that there might be other guests occupying other rooms in the house.

Breakfast Included