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Overnight trips from Muscat (2 days)

A Dual Oasis Retreat

with Overnight Desert Camping

Turtle Trails of Sur

two days of exploring the coastal secrets of Arabian sea

Into the Heart of Oman

two days in Nizwa and the mountains


Oman in 7 Days

A Week in Arabian Oasis

complete guide through the culture, history and landscapes of Oman

Oman Adventure in 7 Days

a week of exploring the most beautiful beaches, deserts and wadis

Oman Cultural Tour

complete journey into the country's rich heritage and art


Day trips from Muscat


Nakhal Citadel & Wakan Valley

A Journey Through Time and Nature

Muscat City Tour

beyond the main attractions

Forts of Al Hazm and Rustaq

with a Splash of Wadi Hoqain

Journey to the Sky

A Day in the Majestic Jebel Akhdar

Timeless Treasures of Nizwa

with Oasis of Birkat al Mouz

World Heritage Trail

Bahla and Jabreen Forts, with Al Ayn’s Silent Intrigue

Azure Jewels of Oman

Bimmah Sinkhole and Wadi Shab

Multi-day Tours

One Day Tours

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Discover our comprehensive travel guidelines, designed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable 7-day trip in Oman, packed with valuable insights and helpful information.



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