Timeless Treasures of Nizwa


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Journey through Oman’s cultural legacy with a visit to Nizwa Fort and Souq, where ancient history connects with vibrant markets. Our adventure follows to the scenic village of Birkat Al Mouz and the majestic Jebel Akhdar, where lush landscapes and mountainous views combine for a memorable journey through heritage and natural beauty.

Nizwa Souq and Fort (2 hrs)

Nizwa souq stands out for its vibrant atmosphere, where traditional crafts, spices, and local products create a sensory feast, reflecting the country’s rich heritage. It serves as a living testament to Omani talents, with each stall telling a story of cultural importance. Side by side to the bustling souq, Nizwa Fort adds to the atmosphere with its unique architecture and strategic design. The fort provides panoramic views of the city, showcasing a remarkable blend of historical splendor against the backdrop of modernity. Its complex structure serves as a symbol of Oman’s architectural ability and military heritage.

Birkat Al Mouz (1 hr)

Old village Birkat Al Mouz, surrounded by lush date plantations, provides a serene oasis where visitors can explore traditional (UNESCO listed) irrigation systems, experience the beauty of date cultivation, and immerse themselves in the cultural heritage of Oman.

Jabal Akhdar (4 – 5 hrs)

Trip continues with exhilarating journey along winding roads from Wadi Al Madeen to Jabal Akhdar, reveling in the picturesque scenery. Jebel Akhdar is distinguished by its breathtaking beauty, characterized by terraced gardens, charming villages, and rugged mountain landscapes.

During the seasonal bloom, witness the renowned Jabal Al Akhdar roses, then hike through an old abandoned village, exploring fruit orchards, natural springs, the aflaj irrigation system, and enjoying breathtaking mountain views.

We will cover few scenic villages, with incredible viewpoints, and also add extra time for short hiking / trekking opportunities for those who enjoy to seeing different views.



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  • Certified guidance
  • Water, coffee and refreshments
  • Pick-up and drop off
  • Nizwa Fort Entrance Ticket
  • Personal expenses
  • Lunch

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Nizwa and Jebel Akhdar Timeless Treasures of Nizwa


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