Jebel Akhdar – Journey to the Sky


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On this day trip from Muscat, we will uncover the secrets of Jebel Akhdar’s hidden gems, from the breathtaking landscapes and hidden villages to cultural riches. We will visit several villages on the mountain, including short hiking trips that would guarantee magnificent views.


Jebel Akhdar

Nestled at a height of 2,980 metres and is famous for its wide plateau close to the summit. Journey from Muscat to Jebel Akhdar takes about two hours and can only be taken by four-wheel drive.

The mountain range is characterized by deep canyons, terraced fields, and stunning viewpoints that offer panoramic vistas of the surrounding valleys. The rugged terrain contrasts beautifully with the lush greenery, creating a visually striking setting.

“The Green Mountain” is known for its Mediterranean climate and due to its location and unique weather, it produces a variety of fruits, such as apricots, plums, figs, grapes, apples and pears, as well as almonds, walnuts and saffron. The pomegranate that grows here is classified among the finest of its kind in the world.


Al Sugra Village

One of the hidden gems of Oman, which is on our schedule, is Al Sugra, a remote village carved in the mountainside, boasting a history of human habitation spanning over 500 years. Prior to 2005, access to the mountain range, where the village is situated, was restricted for foreigners. Accessible only by leaving vehicles at the end of a gravel road and undertaking a 20-minute hike up a steep stone staircase from the canyon floor, Al Sugra stands approximately 40km away from the nearest town, making it the most isolated village in the region and one of Oman’s remotest settlements.



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Journey to the Arabian Sky Jebel Akhdar

Some of the photos of the places we will visit on this tour


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