Forts of Rustaq & Al Hazm with Wadi al Hoqain


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On this journey, we will explore the historical significance and architectural marvels of Al Hazm and Rustaq forts, venturing into their rich cultural heritage. We continue our journey to Wadi Al Hoqain, a tranquil oasis surrounded by stunning landscapes, perfect for swimming and relaxing.


Forts of Al Hazm & Rustaq

Rustaq was once the capital of Oman, during the era of Imam Nasir bin Murshid al Ya’arubi. Rustaq fort, built four centuries prior to the dawn of Islam in Oman, is an imposing structure built on three levels, containing separate houses, an armoury, a mosque and four towers. The tallest tower stands over 18.5m high and has a diameter of 6m.

Al Hazm Fort is an outstanding example of Omani Islamic architecture and was built in 1711 AD. The fort’s roof is built on columns, and contains no wooden supports. Its walls can withstand great impact, at no less than 3m thick at any point.


Both Rustaq Fort and Al Hazm Fort in Oman bear historical significance as architectural masterpieces, offering insights into the country’s military and cultural heritage. These forts served strategic roles in protecting trade routes, showcasing Omani craftsmanship, and contributing to the nation’s defense for centuries. Since 1988, both forts have been on UNESCO tentative list, waiting to be added as world heritage sites.


Wadi Al Hoqain

Wadis in Oman are characterized by their unique and varied landscapes, often featuring rocky canyons, lush vegetation, and occasional water pools.

Wadi Al Hoqain is known for its stunning natural beauty, surrounded by rugged mountains and cliffs. The wadi offers visitors a tranquil escape, with opportunities for hiking, exploring the scenic surroundings, and enjoying the peaceful ambiance. The area is surrounded by date palm oasis, and peaceful villages. Not far from the main canyon, there is also one waterfall.




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Al Rustaq & Al Hazm Fort & Wadi Al hoqain Al Rustaq, Al Hazm Fort, Wadi Al hoqain


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